Advanced aerospace control

espandiAdvanced aerospace control

Codice identificativo insegnamento: 051177
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Introduction: Motivation for advanced analysis and design methods; Introductory examples.
Systems theory - stability: Equilibria of nonlinear systems; Lyapunov stability for equilibria of nonlinear systems: definition and examples; Stability for LTI systems: Lyapunov inequalities and equations.
Systems theory - performance: H2 performance for linear systems; Small gain and passivity theory; H∞ performance for linear systems.
Linear SISO feedback systems - robust analysis and design: Uncertainty modelling in SISO systems; Robust stability analysis of SISO feedback systems; Nominal and robust performance analysis; Requirement specification; Robust design: unstructured and structured mixed sensitivity synthesis.
Linear MIMO robust analysis and design: Introduction to MIMO linear systems; Nominal stability and performance in the MIMO case; Robust stability and performance in the MIMO case; MIMO robust design.
Nonlinear analysis methods: Static nonlinearities: circle and Popov criteria; Limit cycles and oscillations: the describing function method; Introduction to nonlinear design: feedback linearisation, backstepping, adaptive control.
Case studies: Attitude control for a small-scale UAV; Attitude control for a full-scale helicopter.