Development economics

espandiDevelopment economics

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Programma sintetico:

1. Introducing Global Development: Traditional economic measures and the new economic view of development. The Millennium Development Goals.

2. Classic Theories of Economic Growth and Development: Development as growth and the linear stages theories. Structural change models. The international-dependence revolution, and the neoclassical counterrevolution.

3. Contemporary Models of Development and Underdevelopment: Underdevelopment as a coordination failure. The Big-Push. Amartya Sen: The capability approach.

4. Poverty, inequality and development: Measuring inequality and poverty. Poverty, inequality and social-welfare.

5. Population growth and economic development: Causes, consequences and controversies

6. Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration: Theory and Policy.

7. The Environment and Development

8. Development Policymaking and the Roles of Market, State and Civil Society

9. International Trade Theory and Development Strategy.Traditional trade strategies for development: Export promotion vs. import substitution. South-south trade and economic integration

10. Multinational Enterprises, Global value chains and local development. The role of inward foreign direct investment (knowledge spillovers, externalities, ..) and outward foreign direct investment

11. Innovation, development and Catching up

12. The role of institutions: International Monetary Fund, World Bank.The Washington Consensus and the post Washington Consensus; Financial and commercial liberalization; catching up policies and pro-growth policies



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