Computer modeling in orthopaedic biomechanics

espandiComputer modeling in orthopaedic biomechanics

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Bone and its multiscale morphology
Micro and macro finite element models of bone
Computer models to predict bone strength (osteoporosis, metastastic lesions)
Knee anatomy relative to its function
Anterior cruciate ligament functioning and reconstruction
Modeling of the knee joint and the complex interactions of the various tissues
Open access knee models
Biomechanical properties of cartilage
Hyperelastic and poro-elastic materials
Meniscus and meniscus modeling
The basics of total knee replacement (TKR)
Modeling cemented and cementless TKR
Hip anatomy and and total hip replacement (THR)
Forces around the hip and the knee
Orthoload database
Finite element modeling of failure mechanisms of THR
Biomechanical issues of hip surface replacement devices
Wolff’s law and stress shielding
Modeling of periprosthetic bone remodeling
3-D printing of orthopaedic implants
What is inverse dynamics and how to calculate moments in the joints?
How can you calculate muscle forces and joint forces?
Recent innovations in total joint surgery (computer navigation, robotic surgery, new implant materials, computer simulations)