Technologies for motor behaviour analysys and virtual modeling

espandiTechnologies for motor behaviour analysys and virtual modeling

Codice identificativo insegnamento: 051148
Programma sintetico:
1) Technologies for measuring myoelectric activity: signal generation; electrodes; biological and environmental noise; amplifiers; sources of signal distortion.
2) Technologies for measuring forces exchanged between the subject and the environment: sensors and signal conditioning units; amplifiers; pressure maps; sources of signal distortions.
3) Technologies for measurement of motion kinematics: interfacing features; sensors; information recognition and extraction; signal processors; noise identification and suppression; off-line and real time tracking; calibration and 3D reconstruction.
4) Methods for human motor behaviour simulation and virtualization; human body modelling; application of captured human motion data to virtual models and scene to simulate interaction;
5) Human factors; human machine interface learned through the application of specific applications for human motion simulation.


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