timber systems design, construction and sustainability

espandiTimber systems design, construction and sustainability

Codice identificativo insegnamento: 053221
Programma sintetico: introduction to wood as building material will be given to students in order to understand its peculiar aspects and drawbacks. Production Technologies and Wood industry will be shown in order to see the different products currently available and the most innovative trends.
The application of these technologies to specific and innovative projects, showing also the construction site aspects, will be analyzed. Seminars and lecture by experts of the Wood industry sector will be offered to students. An introduction to the fundamentals of the three-pillar theory of sustainability will serve to introduce to the Life Cycle Methodology. An historical background of the Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Thinking will help to understand the evolution of the methodology. Then, the focus will be on the LCA regulations in the construction sector. Calculation methodology, databases and technical software will be illustrated and applied to practical wood construction cases.