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- Basics of noise: distribution, spectrum, power, and effective value.
- Electronic noise: shot, thermal, flicker, and burst noise. Noise Equivalent Generators, equivalent Bandwidth, Noise Figure and Temperature.
- Case-studies of noise analysis in electronic circuits.


- Operational Amplifiers: parameters, feedback and virtual ground, main configurations.
- Frequency-domain response and stability of circuits: analysis, diagrams, compensation methods.
- Advanced components: instrumentation (INA), isolation (ISO), current-feedback (CFA), current-mode (CMA, Norton), and transconductance (OTA) amplifiers.
- Component data-sheets and case-studies of circuits employing amplifiers.


- Basics of sampling: time-domain and frequency-domain analysis, aliasing, Shannon theorem.
- Sample-and-Hold circuits: static and dynamic errors, compensation techniques, performance.
- Advanced components: role of feedback, stability and precision issues, speed-accuracy trade-offs.
- Analog multiplexers and digital potentiometers: parameters, timing, acquisition techniques.


- Digital-to-Analog converters (DAC) and Analog-to-Digital converters (ADC): basic architectures, conversion time, speed/accuracy trade-off, timings.
- Dynamic performance: FFT spectra, SNR, SiNAD, ENOB, THD and IMD distortions.
- Advanced ADCs: interpolation, folding, half-flash, multistep, time-interleaving architectures.
- Over-sampling Sigma-Delta modulators: noise-shaping, SNR and bit improvements, components.
- Components data-sheets and case-studies of circuits employing S&Hs, muxes, ADCs, and DACs.