radiation detection systems

espandiRadiation detection systems

Codice identificativo insegnamento: 055519
Programma sintetico:

1 - Interaction of radiation with matter: photons and charged particles, mean creation energy, statistical fluctuations.
2 - Semiconductors as radiation detectors: charge transport, generation-recombination, charge multiplication mechanisms, trapping.
3 - Signal formation in radiation detectors: Shockley-Ramo's theorem, computation of induced current shapes in relevant case studies.
4 - Semiconductor detectors for energy and position measurement of X-rays, gamma-rays, charged particles: microstrip detectors, pixel detectors, semiconductor drift detectors for spectroscopy and position-sensing, non-silicon detectors.
5 - Readout electronics: low-noise architectures and processing techniques.
6 - Imaging pixel sensors: Charge Coupled Devices (CCD), CMOS monolithic active pixel sensors.
7 - Advanced detector-amplification structures.
8 - Examples of detection systems for frontier applications: synchrotron light experiments, astrophysics, diagnostic imaging, high energy physics experiments, etc.
9 - Laboratory activities