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Codice identificativo insegnamento: 096090
Programma sintetico:

1. analysis of the characteristics, scope, design, management and organizational issues of the different configurations of production systems;

2. criteria, approaches and methods for the design of manufacturing systems (job shop, manufacturing cells, transfer lines);

3. criteria, approaches and methods for the design of manual assembly systems (fixed position assembly, paced and un-paced lines, continuous flow lines, multi-model and mixed-model lines, assembly shop, assembly cells);

4. criteria, approaches and methods for the design of automated assembly systems (lines, flexible assembly systems);

5. criteria, approaches and methods for the design of process plants;

6. analysis of some industrial technologies (e.g.: food, paper, cement, ceramics, glass, semiconductors) and related management and organizational issues;

7. criteria and methods for performance assessment and verification of design solutions in view of the stochastic nature of activities in production systems (factory physics principles and laws, Monte Carlo and Discrete Event simulation applied to manufacturing processes and systems).




  • Completed exercises of the course - Anno 2019/20 (in progress...)
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