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In this module you will learn how to promote and mange innovation with a strategic perspective, as well a show to manage and lead an innovation process. The module focuses especially on the capabilities of leaders to create innovative visions and to catalyze the resources that are needed to make that vision come through and all the phases, activities and methodologies needed to transform and idea into a product-service solution to be launched in the market. The topics characterizing the module are the following:
o What is innovation, what is its value and its challenges;
o The drivers and the timing of innovation;
o The innovation strategies and the creation of vision: innovation of meaning and design-driven innovation;
o Technology strategy: key technologies, dynamic capabilities, complementary assets, profiting from innovation;
o Collaborative and Open Innovation;
o Guiding principles and models for managing innovation processes;
o Users analysis and users integration in innovation processes.

In this module you will learn how to develop the capabilities to engage yourself and others in becoming innovative leaders and effectively managing change and innovation in organizational settings. The topics characterizing the module are the following ones:
o What is leadership, what is the difference between leaders and managers;
o How to assess people and effectively communicate with collaborators;
o The motivational theories that help leaders to trigger others’ commitment;
o How to foster creativity for concept development: creative leaders, individual, team and organizational creativity; o How to design and lead effective teams; teams roles and dynamics in innovation processes;
o Team dynamics: group behaviours, group decision making, conflicts and negotiation;
o How to effectively face change and lead innovation in complex organisational settings.



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