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How To Buy From Amazon At The Lowest Price
Secrets Of The Dynamic Pricing

The dynamic price

The airlines were the first to adopt a dynamic price system so the prices of tickets suffered considerable fluctuations according to the number of places available and to the prices applied by competing companies. Soon the hotels too adopted this policy. Today, even those who sell on the internet use this system. The aim is to keep the price of a product lower than the one offered by the competitors, even just a penny: in this way, in fact, if the results of the research of a product are sorted by price, the offer will be displayed in the head.

E-commerce and Amazon's politics

E-commerce competition is considerably large and for this reason there is a constant change of prices. According to some statistics, the products displayed first in the search results are bought 95% of the time in which they appear; this is why the shops in the Amazon marketplace change the price of their products every few minutes, in order to remain in the top positions of the charts.
The dynamic price is particularly applied to consumer electronics, clothing, accessories and household goods; prices are changed according to those of competitors, to the cost of shipping and sales. The consequence of this mechanism is the volatility of prices and consumers remains victim or take advantage of it.

Take advantage of the price swings

In order to take advantage of this mechanism of price swings you can use at least two tools available free on the web.

The first one is a website whose name si adquisitio
achievable from the link; copying the link of the product you want to buy from Amazon and pasting it into the upper part of this website, you can see what has been the trend in price in recent months, day by day, see the maximum and minimum recorded, and see if is the right time to buy or is more convenient to wait.

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adquisitio price monitor

In the example below the current price of the object is 599€, however, 15 days before its price was much lower: € 545.22; during this period the price has also swung up to a maximum of € 664.90. Following the trend of oscillation is known that at the time the price is halfway between the minimum and the maximum. Probably during the current month other oscillations will occur for which for a few days or hours the price could return to a minimum or even drop below it.

adquisitio price graph
The advice is to consult this site before making any purchase to get an idea of the convenience of the current price. You should visit the site during the initial purchase and write down what are the minimum prices to be kept as a reference for an affordable price.

To be able to monitor price movements without having to visit each day the Amazon product page, the second tool called Prices Drop Monitor helps us; it is available for free on the Mac App Store and also for Windows. Both versions can be downloaded from the official page

app store price drop monitor
With this software, as for the website Adquisitio, you need to copy the link of the Amazon product that you want to follow, paste it on prices drop monitor, and receive notifications each time a product that you follow will drop in price. It's possible to track the price of 25 products simultaneously for free.

price drop monitor features


  • Choose the product to buy on Amazon and copy the page link
  • Paste the link on Adquisitio to see if it's the right time to buy
  • Paste the link on Prices Drop Monitor to remain informed about price changes
  • Buy the product when the price satisfies you